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Entry #4

101 Peices

2016-01-31 08:30:19 by Garanord

Hey everyone lately I have been pretty bumd out in not being concistent enough with my art, so because of inspiration from some great artists, I decided to challenge myself to 101 paintings each a day before 12 am. Failure to do so meens i start back to 1 (except on emergencies), I want to improve badly and I beleive this is necessary. Wish me luck!


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2016-01-31 10:17:11

Are you sure?Practice is one thing and everyone needs it to get better but that sounds a little too much.Skills take time to improve and doing too much of it in a short time may make it hard for the mind to take it all in and may even cause it to burn out(a very bad thing for an artist.)You can take small steps each day and give yourself enough time to master it before moving on.It will take longer but in the long run,it will be easier for you to remember but it's up to you.Don't be so hard on yourself if your work doesn't look like the way you wanted it to,just learn from it and use it in your next work.Good luck!

Garanord responds:

Thanks those are some good points but I want to pull through, I'll see how far I go!


2016-01-31 20:04:18

Good luck again and hope to see your work!


2016-12-06 14:00:40

Love the dedication! your arts really fantastic, would love to collab with you some time